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War Report: Israeli Media Reports New Documents and Testimonials that Israeli Occupation Forces Issued ‘Hannibal Directive’ on October 7

  • Israeli media continues to report evidence that the Israeli military ordered the deadly “Hannibal Directive” on Oct. 7; a military protocol that orders Israeli soldiers to ki-ll their own citizens to prevent them from becoming captives and used as bargaining chips during negotiations.


  • The Israeli regime has turned down the Palest-inian Resist-ance’s demand for written ceasefire assurances. 


  • The Leban-ese Resist-ance carried out a drone att-ack on Israel’s Mount Hermon military base in the occup-ied Golan Heights, resulting in extensive damage.


  • The Israeli regime has committed its 43rd mass-acre in Ga-za since Oct. 7, this time in Nuseirat Camp at an UNRWA school of internally displaced Palest-inains. 


  • Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has called for the toppling of the current  government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, expressing urgent need to end the war on Ga-za, while acknowledging how “ the Palest-inian resist-ance managed to survive after nine months of fighting.” 


  • Saudi regime declines Yem-en’s prisoner exchange offer to release Saudi pilots in exchange for the release of Palest-inian Resist-ance fighters held in Saudi prisons.

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