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War Report: Israeli Media Reports New Documents and Testimonials that Israeli Occupation Forces Issued ‘Hannibal Directive’ on October 7

    • Todays war updates:
      • The Palest-inian Resist-ance continues to engage in fierce clashes with the IOF throughout Ga-za, particularly in Ga-za City, targeting Israeli military jeeps, infantry forces, troop carriers, bulldozers and tanks, leaving a number of Israeli casualties. Meanwhile, the IOF launches airstrikes throughout the area.
      • The Israeli army has admitted to the injury of 23 soldiers in the past 24 hours, 17 of which were injured during a fire exchange in Ga-za.
      • Yem-en warns Saudi against US traps which are “taking steps to restart the nine-year-old war,” in a quest to counter Yem-en’s pro-Pales-tine operations. 
      • Israeli settler protests against Netanyahu have intensified since Oct. 7, calling for his resignation, early elections and a prisoner-captive exchange deal.

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