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War on Gaza: Today’s Updates

US officials have declared that less than 50 Israeli hostages held by the Palestinian Resistance are alive, with the Israeli media claiming that the hostages are “dying or getting in danger or very sick,” despite every released Israeli hostage emerging as completely healthy and fit. 

Notably, the Israeli regime’s relentless bombing in Gaza has already killed several Israeli hostages. 

Thousands of Israeli citizens gather at the Israeli Regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s private residence, protesting the leader’s mishandling of the brutal war in Gaza and the failure to return Israeli hostages held by the Palestinian Resistance since Oct 7 2023.

A US vessel in the Red Sea, the USS Dwight D.Eisenhower may be running out of steam and requires a break from the country’s longest running-maritime war since WWII. 

The Palestinian Resistance continued to gain momentum, fiercely resisting in southern Rafah and Northern Gaza, with a powerful roadside bomb, which destroyed the Merkava tank and a mortar barrage. 

Israeli tanks and drones barge into Rafah’s western neighborhoods in the wake of a deliberate attack on aid seekers, killing at least nine Palestinians and injuring 30.

An official from the Biden administration has stated that only a miracle can stop the war with the Lebanese Resistance.To prevent a war in the north “a miracle” is needed. An official from the Biden administration said: “We are entering a very dangerous period. Something (war) can start with a little warning.”

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