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War on Gaza: Today’s Report Summary

The “Israeli” army has claimed to hold a daily “tactical pause of military activity” along a road in southern Gaza, to allow humanitarian aid to enter the strip more smoothly. This decision comes shortly after international aid groups condemned the Israeli regime for starving Palestinians with reports of children suffering from acute malnutrition in Gaza soaring to 50,000. However, the “tactical pause” will not increase the amount of aid entering the Strip. 

11 Israeli soldiers were declared dead in Gaza following a “severe incident” that resulted in the soldiers burning to death during intense confrontations with the Palestinian Resistance in Gaza, bringing the death toll of Israeli soldiers to 661 since Oct. 7, 2023 according to Israeli reports. 

Yemen downs “Ship Verbena after being targeted by a number of missiles,” in its ongoing pro-Palestine maritime war against the Israeli regime, and its allies, the US and the UK.

“Israel” has attacked Lebanon with artillery despite “absolute calm” from the Lebanese Resistance. The affected villages are Naqoura, Alma Al-Shaab, Al-Dhahira, Yaroun, Al-Zaloutiyah, Ramia, Al-Quzah and an airstrike on the eastern outskirts of the town of Shaqra led to the injury of a woman and her four children who were refugees from the border Lebanese village of Hula.

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