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US Supreme Court to Consider Appeal on Laws that Prevent Transgender Treatment for Minors

The Supreme Court in the US has agreed to hear an appeal on a Tennessee law that bars particular medical treatments for transgender minors. The Justices will decide on the constitutionality of such statewide bans. 

This move could result in consequences for around 25 states that have adopted similar measures. Republican-led state legislatures have pushed to cut down transgender rights in recent years, putting laws into effect that target gender-transition care, the usage of bathrooms and which sports team they can play on. 

The case, United States v. Skrmetti, will be heard in the court’s next term, which usually commences on the first Monday in October.

The attorney general for Tennessee, Jonathan Skrmetti, argued that the number of minors receiving diagnoses and medical treatment for gender dysphoria had skyrocketed in the last few  years, pressuring Tennessee and other states to respond. The laws, he claimed, were enacted “to ensure that potentially irreversible sex-transition interventions of uncertain benefit are not performed on minors who may not be able to fully grasp their lifelong consequences and risks.”

He even warned that such treatments, “carry serious and potentially irreversible side effects, including infertility, diminished bone density, sexual dysfunction, cardiovascular disease and cancer.”

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