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UK Labour Party Loses Four Seats to pro-Palestine Candidates

The UK Labour Party lost four seats to pro-Pale*stine independent candidates on July 4, all hailing from areas with Muslim populations.

Shadow cabinet minister Jonathan Ashworth was defeated as Labour tried to hold several seats among protest votes over the party’s unwavering support for the Israeli regime’s ongoing onslaught in Ga-za that has now kil*led nearly 40,000 people, mostly women and children.

Ashworth gained 13,760 votes for the Leicester South seat but lost to independent candidate Shockat Adam, who garnered 14,739 votes. The seat has a 35 percent Muslim population.

Adam declared that his win was an “an indication to those who have been in power for so long that you cannot forget the people that you serve.”

“This is a humble gesture,” whilst waving a Palest-inian scarf from the audience and saying: “This is for the people of Ga-za.”

Labour also lost seats in Dewsbury and Batley in West Yorkshire and Blackburn in Lancashire, areas with significant Muslim populations. 

Shadow health secretary Wes Streetin and Labour backbencher Jess Phillips won their seats, a narrow margin against pro-Pale*stinian opponents.

Pro-Pale*stine candidates came in second to Labour in around seven seats, including Slough, Oldham West, Rochdale, Burnley, Walsall and Bloxwich, and Birmingham Hodge Hill.

“In areas where Muslim voters were presented with strong alternative candidates, the community rallied behind them and sent a clear message to the Labour party that their votes can no longer be taken for granted,” said Abubakr Nanabawa, coordinator for voter advocacy group The Muslim Vote.

According to some sources, Labour employed former Israeli spy Assaf Kaplan during the current general election campaign who was assigned to help the party influence “events or narratives online” and to track Labour members.

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