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Turkey Seeks To Amend Relations with Syria, May Soon Send Invitation to President Bashar al-Assad

Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogen, has given clues at the possibility of inviting his Syrian counterpart, President Bashar al-Assad, to Turkey soon in a quest to reportedly make amends after severing ties with Damascus in 2011 during the NATO-Gulf backed regime-change war on Syria. 

“We may send an invitation (to Assad) at any moment,” Erdogan told reporters.

Turkey had initially sought to oust President al-Assad’s government when the global war on Syria began in 2011. Currently, Ankara has recently focused on preventing what Erdogan referred to in 2019 as the creation of a “terror corridor” in northern Syria.

Erdogan has since claimed that he could reconsider ties with al-Assad. 

“Now we have come to such a point that as soon as Bashar al-Assad takes a step towards improving relations with Turkey, we will show him the same approach,” Erdogan said to journalists. 

This follows shortly after growing tensions in Turkey last week with regards to Syrian refugees, as well as the falling out between Syrian “rebels” and Turkish forces in Syria’s “rebel”-held northern areas.

On July 1st, 67 people were arrested by Turkish police after a mob that quickly escalated to violence in the country’s Syrian community over a Syrian man who was accused of sexually harassing a child.

Syrian refugee businesses and properties were vandalized in Kayseri by a group of Turk’s, who posted video footage on social media showing a grocery store set ablaze.

“No matter who they are, setting streets and people’s houses on fire is unacceptable,” said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, condemning the violent acts imposed on the Syrian community. 

The accused Syrian was arrested by Turkish police after being caught by Turkish citizens.

According to the UN, Turkey currently holds roughly 3.2 million Syrian refugees.

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