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Trump and Biden to Debate on June 27 in Wake of Rising Unpopularity for Both

Former US President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are gearing up for the first presidential debate on June 27, in the wake of rising unpopularity for both candidates. 

Trump briefed about his debate, revealing that he is “loading up against President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy ahead of the first presidential debate next week.”

On inflation particularly, Trump spoke of a tactic he said he might use at the upcoming debate against Biden on June 27.

“I sort of have this little thing. I shouldn’t show it. Maybe I should save it for the debate,” Trump said moments before taking out a miniature box of Tic Tac candies and holding a regular sized box next to it, using it to explain his point.

The usage of props and pre-written notes are prohibited at the presidential debate. 

“Under Biden, the economy is in ruins,” Trump said Saturday.

“Trump’s incoherent, unhinged tirade showed voters in his own words that he is a threat to our freedoms and is too dangerous to be let anywhere near the White House again,” Biden-Harris 2024 Spokesperson Sarafina Chitika said in a statement responding to Trump’s Saturday speech.

The former president’s economic platform is currently filled with promises of a hardline tariff policy on all imports, pressuring the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates and extending his first-term tax cuts. Economists assume those proposals would reheat inflation if they go into effect. 

“As President I will not cut one penny from Social Security or Medicare,” Trump said, months after he said he would look into  Social Security cuts in an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

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