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Today’s War Report: A Summary

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has officially dissolved the emergency war cabinet, which was formed on October 11, a few days after the Israeli regime began its brutal war on Gaza, a decision made a week after opposition leader Benny Gantz resigned from the emergency body. 

The disbanding of the Israeli war Cabinet comes as the Palestinian and Lebanese Resistance gain momentum in its retaliatory attacks against the occupation entity, with the Lebanese Resistance succeeding in removing over 1500 intelligence posts and devices. 

“The cabinet was in the coalition agreement with [National Unity MK Benny] Gantz at his request. As soon as Gantz left – there is no need for a cabinet anymore,” Netanyahu claimed in  a meeting of the political-security cabinet on Sunday night.

The Israeli regime has committed two massacres against families in Gaza, killing 10 Palestinians and injuring 73, who were rushed to hospitals in the last 24 hours. 

Several victims are still trapped under the rubble and in the streets, with ambulance and civil teams unable to reach them, due to a severe lack of equipment and ambulances which have been indiscriminately bombed by the Israeli military. 

The death toll in Gaza has now soared to 37,347 killed and 85,372 injured since October 7th, 2023.

10 Palestinians were killed by IOF bombings, who deliberately targeted a group of citizens waiting to receive aid from trucks east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. The horrendous massacre comes shortly after the IOF claimed to increase aid delivery to the southern Gaza strip.

US-UK aggression warplanes launched six airstrikes on Hodeida International Airport, in Yemen, shortly after attacking Kamaran Island with four airstrikes.

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