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Terrorists Kill 20 in Russia’s Dagestan, Attack Christian and Jewish Houses of Worship

20 people, mostly police, were killed in a deadly attack by terrorists – praised by ISIS – who stormed into Christian and Jewish houses of worship in Russia’s southern city of Dagestan. Three days of mourning are now being held. 

The act of violence took place in Dagestan’s regional capital of Makhachkala and nearby Derbent – the majority Muslim region in the North Caucasus. This attack was also the deadliest in Russia since March, when ISIS gunmen opened fire at a concert in Moscow, killing 145 people. 

“According to preliminary data, 15 law enforcement officers were killed, as well as four civilians, including an Orthodox priest,” the country’s Investigative Committee said of the attacks, adding that five perpetrators had also been “liquidated.” 

Sergei Melikov, head of the Dagestan Republic, revealed at least six “militants” had been killed during confrontation with security forces in the cities, which are roughly 120 kilometers (75 miles) apart.

The attackers are yet to be identified, but Melikov has claimed that their attack “had been prepared abroad and that Dagestan was now directly involved in Russia’s war in Ukraine.”

“We understand who is behind the organization of the terrorist attacks and what goal they pursued,” he said.

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