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Prominent Law Firm to Scrutinize Job Applicants for Pro-Palestine Views

A renowned US law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell, is reportedly working with a background check company to scrutinize social media accounts of protestors and to review news reports and footage for statements or actions related to Israel’s ongoing onslaught in Ga-za.

The firm will then require job applicants to explain their participation in such protests. Critics consider such measures as a way to silence speech about the Israeli entity’s war on Ga-za.

Pro-Pales-tine protests have swept across the US in recent months, especially in colleges and universities, resulting in the fury of some of the most powerful figures in the financial world, who have then abused their financial power over universities.

Now, Sullivan & Cromwell, a 145-year-old firm, is taking action against the protestors, stating that participation in anti-Israel protests, on or off campus, could be a disqualifying factor. 

“When we went through big law recruitment, we knew your social media better be clean, you better not have on there anything that you can’t defend, you have to be a respectable person to be able to get a job at any of these places,” said Rawda Fawaz, a lawyer for the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “That has always been the practice. Why do you have to have a special policy on this?”

Ms. Fawaz revealed that a number of Muslims and Arabs working for big firms are now feeling discouraged from openly expressing their views against the Israeli regime’s brutal war on Ga-za.

“Your political activism is part of your identity,” she said. “In a way, it’s good because law students will know who they can work for and still maintain their identity,” she added.

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