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Missouri Prison Guards Convicted of Murder for Killing a Black Prisoner

Four Missouri prison guards in the US were convicted with charges of murder – with a fifth charge of involuntary manslaughter – for the killing of a Black man who died after they pepper sprayed him, covered his face with a mask and shoved him in a restraint chair.

The 38 year-old man, Othel Moore Jr., died due to positional asphyxiation. 

Mr. Moore was reportedly searched and forced to remove his clothes, while staff members used pepper spray on him several times. He was put in a restraint system with a spit mask – which is designed to prevent spit from hitting others – and a padded helmet – according to records. He was then forced to a different housing unit, where he was left in a cell with the spit mask, helmet and restraint system.

Mr. Moore was left in that state for around 30 minutes as several attested that they had heard Mr. Moore “pleading with the corrections staff and telling them that he could not breathe.” 

According to court records, prison staff members failed to check on Mr. Moore or provide medical assistance until he became unresponsive. 

“Mr. Moore, who was imprisoned for a 30-year sentence, was later taken to the hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.”

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