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Massive Wildfires in Southern New Mexico Kill Two People, Endanger Lives of Hundreds of Thousands

Huge raging wildfires in Southern New Mexico, have killed two people, prompted the evacuation of thousands of people and torched more than 23,000 acres, as the inferno burnt out of control on Wednesday June 19. 

The wildfires, dubbed as the South Fork and Salt fires, began earlier this week in the wake of high temperatures and shifts in the weather on Wednesday. The South Fork fire, the layer of the two wildfires, has set over 16,000 acres ablaze, destroying 1400 acres, according to the Southwest Area Incident Management Team.

Two people have died with their bodies found on Tuesday June 18, near or in the village of Ruidoso, N.M, which sits between the two fires. 

Temperatures soared to the upper 80s and 90s in Southern New Mexico on Wednesday. 

According to the Red Cross, over 528 people had taken refuge at nine emergency shelters while claiming hundreds of meals and snacks were provided to them too.

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