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Lebanese Resistance Pounds Northern Israel with Over 200 Missiles in Support of Gaza

  • An Israeli army airbase in northern Israel has reportedly been identified as the cause of multiple GPS jamming attacks – referred to as “spoofing” attacks – leading to the scrambling of signals and even interfering with incoming rocket and missile fire.  According to the New York Times, over 50,000 flights across West Asia have been disrupted by the Israeli regime’s GPS jamming. 
  • Intense armed clashes between the Palesti*ian Resist*nce and the IOF took place in Nablus, West Bank.
  • The Leban*se Resist*nce has carried out numerous operations since yesterday, launching over 200 projectiles against Israeli military sites in retaliation for their martyred commander and in support of G*za.
  • The UN reports 28 incidents of Israeli airstrikes in the occupied We*t Bank since Oct. 7 – including two last week -which have killed a total of 77 Palesti*ians, including 14 children. 
  • According to the UN, at least 200 homes were damaged in the recent operation by Israeli occupation forces in the Nour Shams Refugee Camp in Tulkarem, West Bank.
  • An Israeli airstrike targeted a building adjacent to the Nasser hospital in Kh*n Yunis, G*za.
  • Israel approves the largest theft of Palest*ne’s W*st Bank territories in three decades. 
  • Pro-Palest*ne protesters gathered in front of the home of US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, in solidarity with Palest*ne against the Israeli regime’s ongoing onslaught that has now killed almost 40,000 people, mostly women and children.

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