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Intel to Pause $25 Million Factory in Israel, But Affirms Strong Relations with the Regime

US tech giant Intel Corp is gearing towards halting plans for a $25 million factory in the Israeli regime.

Intel sent letters recently, requesting that the work on the plant be postponed. When questioned about the report, the tech conglomerate claimed the need to adjust “large projects to changing timelines without directly addressing the specific project.”

Intel said in a statement, “Israel continues to be one of our key global manufacturing and R&D sites, and we remain fully committed to the region.”

“Managing large-scale projects, especially in our industry, often involves adapting to changing timelines. Our decisions are based on business conditions, market dynamics and responsible capital management,” it added.

This comes shortly after the Israeli regime agreed to provide Intel with a staggering $3.2 billion grant to construct a massive $25 billion chip plant in southern “Israel,” while calling it the largest-ever international investment in the “country.”

After the announcement of its new plant in December 2023, two months after the Israeli regime’s ongoing onslaught on Gaza, activists demanded for the boycott of computers with Intel chips and urged investors to divest from Intel stock and huge institutions to exclude Intel from tenders.

“Ethical responsibility and international law aside, by insisting on investing tens of billions of dollars in Israel, a ‘war zone,’ only miles away from occupied Gaza, Intel is putting its leaders’ fanatic ideological commitment to Israel over financial and fiduciary responsibility,” said the BDS spokesperson. 

“Why else would Intel freeze plans to expand its chipmaking manufacturing in Ohio while throwing those billions into Israel, a state committing genocide?”

The Israeli Regime has now killed nearly 40,000 Palestinians in Gaza since Oct. 2023.

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