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Hundreds of Stanford University Students Walk Out During Graduation Ceremony in Solidarity with Palestine

In solidarity with Palestine, hundreds of Stanford University students marched out of their graduation on Sunday, June 18, waving pro-Palestine posters and donning the symbolic Keffiyeh, calling for an end to Israel’s aggression and war on Gaza that has killed more than 37,000 Palestinians. 

Videos shared widely on social media showed a number of students walking out, as Stanford President Richard Saller gave his speech to the graduating class. In a span of minutes, hundreds were seen walking out of the stadium.

Stanford has witnessed several pro-Palestine protests this year alone. Earlier this month, campus police arrested 13 pro-Palestinian protestors, a combination of students and alumni, for “trespassing” into the president’s office. The University claimed that at that time, the students involved were suspended, with seniors told that they could not graduate.

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