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France’s Far Right Victory Grips Country with Fear

Protestors have flocked the streets in France to stand against the victory of the country’s far-right party – known as the National Rally – which won the first round of legislative elections that took place on Sunday, June 30. 

French President Emmanual Macron, who faced a crushing defeat, dissolved the entire parliament. 

The second round of voting is scheduled for July 7.

However, the rise of the National Rally – also referred to as the “RN” – has allegedly sparked fear amongst French citizens who believe the RN’s extremist policies could pave the way for social divisions and xenophobia. 

The RN has allegedly stressed the preservation of national identity, rejecting heterogeneity, which has gripped minorities in France with uncertainty.

The RN’s coming to power is viewed as a threat to diversity, democratic values, and human rights in France.

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