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Devout Faith of Muslim Earthquake Victims Leaves World Inspired

A week has passed since the earthquake struck southern Turkey and northern Syria. The death toll has risen to more than 40,000.

Many survivors are still being found alive by rescuers despite several days spent under the rubble without eating or drinking.

Many Muslim survivors have drawn their strength from their faith and refuse to deviate from their religious obligations.

A woman found alive refused to come out of the rubble without her hijab, the Islamic veil.

This gentleman found alive after 104 hours recites the Qur’an right after being rescued from the rubble.

This elderly man stuck under the rubble requests water to perform his ablution and prayers.

A man praises God while holding his dead child.

A girl speaks about holding on to her faith after many days of being buried under rubble.

These videos show that Muslim victims find comfort and strength in Allah and their religion.

Despite this terrible ordeal, they do not forget that they owe their survival to Allah who gave them the mental and physical strength to face the violence of the earthquake.

Despite the cold, hunger, and incomprehensible damage, the resolve of Muslims in this time has inspired the world.

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  • Shahin Hazamy

    Shahin Hazamy is a Muslim French journalist based in Paris, France. He has nearly six years of experience in journalism, especially photojournalism, writing, and video editing. He also teaches journalism in various institutions to mentor the youth within Parisian suburbs.

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