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Couple from Michigan Splash Pad Shooting Were Shot a Combined Seven Times While Protecting their two Daughters

Micayla and Eric Coughlin, who went with their infant and toddler to a Michigan splash pad and allegedly shielded them when a gunman terrorist opened fire, were two of the nine shooting victims at the mass shooting incident on Saturday, June 15. 

The couple sustained wounds protecting their 2-year-old and 7-month-old daughters when shots were fired inside the Brooklands Plaza Splash Pad, near their home, and were shot a total of seven times.  

“Shortly after grabbing ice cream they walked to the splash pad and were not even there for a minute when Micayla and Eric heard gunfire,” a GoFundMe post stated. “In an effort to save their children, they each grabbed a child to protect them.”

The husband and wife are currently undergoing treatment after being rushed to a hospital.

“Because of their heroic actions, their children were protected and able to go home that evening,” the family friend said on the GoFundMe page. “Micayla and Eric face a long and unknown recovery from this unthinkable tragedy.”

On Monday night, the fundraiser had already raised more than $90,000.

The Coughlins and seven other victims were wounded in the shooting which was executed by 42-year-old Michael William Nash, who ended up killing himself during a police standoff. 

The violent gun attack, which has been skyrocketing in the US in recent months, left an 8-year-old boy severely injured after he sustained a gunshot to his head.

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