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AIPAC Targets Cori Bush After Defeating Jamaal Bowman

AIPAC, America’s leading pro-Israel lobbying group – which reportedly meddled in defeating Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., in an intense primary race last month – is now targeting progressive Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo.

The super PAC, the United Democracy Project (UDP), has allegedly dropped over $63,000 into the Aug. 6 primary race, dividing a Friday sum evenly between ads and messaging opposing Bush and supporting her opponent, Wesley Bell. The group then splurged another $13,000 behind Bell.

The recent independent expenditure report, which summed only a week of the UDP’s spending in the race, noted 13 separate contributions totaling over a staggering $1.1 million between June 21 to June 30.

“What anyone running against an incumbent, certainly somebody running against Cori Bush in St. Louis, needs is money just simply to introduce themselves, to get their name out for the voters,” stated Peverill Squire, a University of Missouri professor of political science.

While the money contributed to Bush’s opponent “won’t guarantee that the other candidate will win,” it does “make the race more competitive” and offer him “a much better chance to break through all the clutter” in the media environment and “at least remind people there’s a primary coming up,” he said.

AIPAC, in collaboration with other anti-Palest-ine groups, has supported moderate pro-Israeli campaigns as part of its vow to remove pro-Palest-ine lawmakers, focusing mostly on the “squad” progressives like Bowman and Bush who have been vocal in their opposition to the Israeli regime’s ongoing onslaught in Ga-za.

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